Saturday, 26 January 2008

Got the moves

I have come to the conclusion that dancing to Salsa and Merengue in South America is unlike dancing to Salsa and Merengue ANYWHERE else in the world!!


Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Sucre is stunning!

This place has an altitude problem...

We flew into Sucre on a beautiful bright blue skied day, and had amazing views of the mountains, with the town nestling at 2,800 metres above sea level. Now thats high. It can take a little while to adjust to the altitude, you can really feel out of breath mega quickly just walking around town!
But we didnt mind a bit, this town is STUNNING, gorgeous colonial whitewashed buildings, beautiful little streets, lots of greenery, and although a very popular destination, feels very untouristy. They say people always stay here longer than planned, we have already spent 2 days here longer than we expected! We´ve enrolled with Spanish Classes here, which so far have been brilliant, bags of fun, and as a result have rearranged our trek dates so we could take more classes. I´ve taken loads of pics, but the thought of uploading pics here seems impossible, because of the incredibly slow internet connections, so for now, here´s one I nicked off google!

By the weekend, we should have fully acclimatised, and will be off to do our first ´warm up trek´for 2 days!

Friday, 18 January 2008

LND - MIA - SANTA CRZ (Dunno the airport code!)

Feels like it has taken forever for me to finally get here!
Thank god I had chance to break up my journey by stopping for a night in Miami.
The Body clock being off kilter meant I was up at the crack of dawn and saw the sunrise over South Beach. Nice. I had 6 hours to kill before heading back to the airport to catch my connecting flight to Santa Cruz. Best 6 hours I killed in ages. First, a morning walk along the beach, spying all the fitness freak yanks doing their yoga and morning jogs. Just like the telly. A few hunky lifeguards stretching. Nice. Breathed in some decent clean fresh sea air, then found a cafe and pigged out on a proper fat American Brekkie of Pancakes and syrup, and awful american coffee, enjoying the attention from the very cute waiters. So far so good!

Landed in Bolivia last night, already love this place!
Flip Flops and dresses, sunglasses and sun cream, I´m in Summertime!!!

Woop woop!


Tuesday, 15 January 2008


We meet in Bolivia on the 17th, and cry tears of joy. Once we have recovered, its time to explore BOL, then Peru (Inca trail, Machhu Pichhu and all that), then Ecuador and the Galapagos! It's a big old place. Innit.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Welcome all!

Hello! This is where I will be posting up a few pics, moving image, and quick little summaries of how me and Manders are getting on during the next few weeks! Thought it would be more interesting and easier to manage than sending out individual emails which you probably won't get the chance to read, knowing how madly busy most of you are! That is unless I get bored of doing it before you do and end up being too busy having fun to be able to keep up with the blog...who knows! Worth a try! Either way, thanks for reading and please stick with us!
You can post any messages and comments here too, and you don't have to keep it clean!
Fun fun fun!!!!