Friday, 18 January 2008

LND - MIA - SANTA CRZ (Dunno the airport code!)

Feels like it has taken forever for me to finally get here!
Thank god I had chance to break up my journey by stopping for a night in Miami.
The Body clock being off kilter meant I was up at the crack of dawn and saw the sunrise over South Beach. Nice. I had 6 hours to kill before heading back to the airport to catch my connecting flight to Santa Cruz. Best 6 hours I killed in ages. First, a morning walk along the beach, spying all the fitness freak yanks doing their yoga and morning jogs. Just like the telly. A few hunky lifeguards stretching. Nice. Breathed in some decent clean fresh sea air, then found a cafe and pigged out on a proper fat American Brekkie of Pancakes and syrup, and awful american coffee, enjoying the attention from the very cute waiters. So far so good!

Landed in Bolivia last night, already love this place!
Flip Flops and dresses, sunglasses and sun cream, I´m in Summertime!!!

Woop woop!


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