Monday, 14 January 2008

Welcome all!

Hello! This is where I will be posting up a few pics, moving image, and quick little summaries of how me and Manders are getting on during the next few weeks! Thought it would be more interesting and easier to manage than sending out individual emails which you probably won't get the chance to read, knowing how madly busy most of you are! That is unless I get bored of doing it before you do and end up being too busy having fun to be able to keep up with the blog...who knows! Worth a try! Either way, thanks for reading and please stick with us!
You can post any messages and comments here too, and you don't have to keep it clean!
Fun fun fun!!!!



Anonymous said...

Have a lovely, lovely time girl, but make sure you come back to us!
Jan xx

Harpal said...

Have a great time - read lots of Paulo Coelho books out there. Find yourself. Most importantly, count your blessings and be grateful for this opprtunity.

Take care of each other and buy me and my girls a present from every destination!

Lots of love, Harpal

Gina said...

Raj - sorry we didn't catch up before you left! Have an awsome time... I'll just live vicariously through you whilst I get as big as a house here... xx