Monday, 11 February 2008

La Paz

We are in the capital of Bolivia, at an altitude of 3660m above sea level. By now, thanks to our visit to Potosi and our tour from Tupiza to Uyuni, we have already been quite high up, so we are pretty well acclimatised. The 14 hour bus ride eased us in too, despite leaving us properly knackered! We spent the best part of Mandi´s birthday in bed, exhausted from the journey and the tour, but managed to revive ourselves and leap out of bed to get to our celebration Indian meal! I was looking forward to speaking some Hindi or Punjabi again, and was very amused to walk into the restaurant to find it was run and owned by an english lad from Hertfordshire! How ironic...the food was excellent, the meal was drunken, and the birthday was great...full bellied and emotional, just as birthdays should be.

La Paz feels like a bonkers place, manic, busy, crowded...I love it.

Somehow, Manders had managed to convince me to go climb this mountain with her:

Mount huayna potosi....I´m cacking myself, but Í´m gonna do it anyway.
Hopefully I will survive it to tell the tale!
Watch this space....

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