Monday, 4 February 2008

Parting is such sweet sorrow

I´m new to this travelling lark, this whole ´pass through a place, make friends, then leave´, knowing you are unlikely to cross paths again, though hoping and wishing you will, with all the best intentions. We had both become very attached to Sucre, the people, the place, and we had extended our stay so many times, that when it came to our last morning, we almost couldnt belíeve we were moving on.

So after our final Fiesta in the home of our host, which turned out to be a feast of meat and waterfights, and after our final breakfast the following morning, which soothed our sore heads and bellies, we set off. With heavy hearts, and not quite sure that we were ready to go, we had a final coffee at our favourite drinking hole, collected our ´TShirts´(no, really...very nice Tshirt too) and boarded a bus for Potosi.

3 hours later, we arrived at the highest city in the world.

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